My name is Dennis Diller and I am a member of Baltimore Yacht Club.  I have put up for sale the domain names,   and to help pay for  damages done to my boat. In May 2009, Steven Peterson, manager of Sue Island Yacht Basin, asked me to supply materials and labor in exchange for painting my boat when it came back to the marina during the winter of 2010. I accepted his offer and  supplied $4,000 worth of labor and materials at the marina’s  dock bar and new boat house. However,  later  that May when the boat was re-launched by Dennis Peterson,  owner of the  marina , damage was done to the hull and rub rail. Steve Peterson, assured me that he would fix the damage done to my boat along with giving it a new paintjob as payment for the work completed earlier that May.

Sue Island Yacht Basin has since been sold and now Steve and Dennis Peterson refuse to answer or return my  calls. I left an invoice for the materials and labor I completed and also asked for them to repair my boat. However, the new owner of what is now Sue Island Marina, told me that this is not his problem.  The new owner has the benefit of the materials and labor I supplied but not the liability or the expense of the damages to my boat.

When purchasing the domain names I found reviews of Sue Island Dock Bar and Sue Island Yacht Basin. Take a look at the reviews by clicking the links below. In the meantime,  I will not patronize Sue Island Dock Bar or Sue Island Marina for obvious reasons.

The new owner says he did not buy my problems, but I am left with $4,000 of unpaid labor and materials and $5,000 worth of damages  to my boat. Therefore, I am selling the domain names listed above for  $7,995.00 each and on July 4,2010 they will go up to $8,796.00.

My main objective here is to recoup my losses by doing business with Sue Island Yacht Basin and trusting them with my  boat  I will sell this domain name for  10.69" Ten Dollars and sixty nine cents". Plus any renewal fees that  I incurred when and if this happens



Reviews :  Sue Island Dock Bar

                     Sue Island Yacht Basin

                     Agreement between Sue Island Yacht basin  and Dennis Diller


 Dennis Diller